Our Campus
Indian School DSM has world-class infrastructure for that complete learning experience for your child.

Indian School has world-class infrastructure for that complete learning experience for your child. The environment at school makes students comfortable and facilitates an atmosphere for continuous knowledge sharing and creative thinking. We feature a multi-faceted array of facilities across all our campuses. Apart from spacious classrooms, Indian School sports a slew of facilities that enhance the way children learn, play and interact.

At Indian School Dar Es Salaam, sports and games form is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value of self-control. Till date the school has won every major sporting tournament in the city and has also managed to nurture National and International players.

The School boasts of some of the best academic facilities to give its students the utmost support to learn in the best way possible. We have taken every care that the latest technology is being used to provide students with real life experience. Hence Smart classes have been made an integral part of teaching at the school. Some of the facilities which the school has implemented to make learning an interesting experience are mentioned below:.

An airy, well ventilated, well maintained room with beds and basic medical facilities define the health care centre of DPS Hyderabad. The informative charts and posters on the walls describing the importance of a healthy body welcome the little patients. A full time qualified nurse is present to help the students in pain and distress during the school time. The infirmary can handle situations by providing immediate relief in the form of first-aid. Apart from this, it also conducts regular medical check up of the students and maintains health cards..


Indian School DSM has an excellent fleet of buses covering the entire city of Hyderabad with convenient designated stops for picking up students. Every bus has a care taker to ensure proper discipline and safety of the students. The fleet encompass with the required speed control and also in the process of making more enhanced and vigilant steps


Workshops for students and teachers are conducted periodically at the school.

Internet Facility

A wi-fi enabled campus with state of the art computer labs.

Music and Dance

Music & Dance – an integral part of the curriculum..

Arts and Crafts

The Department of Art & Craft aims at teaching students various art forms. It aims at familiarizing students with various kinds of mediums..