Principal Desk

Acquisition of knowledge, or access to information, is a very narrow objective of education. Education must create competent, confident, disciplined and self-reliant citizens.  Schools take up this immense task. The ultimate purpose of schooling is not to make students answer questions, but to question the answers. Education must therefore, provoke a person to think. Academic excellence alone will not lead an individual to success.  On the contrary, a disciplined person certainly stands a better chance in attaining success in life.

Education refines a person, and it equips him with the necessary ingredients to lead, a civilized life.  The process of education begins at home.  A Child learns the primary lessons from the parents.  Thus, the role of parents in this process is immense.  It is often misunderstood, that the teachers in the school are alone responsible for the education of children.  The role of parents, or parenting as we call it, is a crucial factor in shaping the character of a child.

Often we expect the child to behave like adults, not remembering the fact, that a child is a child, and not a miniature adult. It needs to be taught. It needs to be loved, cared and shown the right path.  A child is to be corrected when wrong, reprimanded if and when necessary.

The child is always in a confused state. It fails to relate between what it sees, hears, and experiences.  Children may not always listen to what adults say, but will surely imitate them.  A child gathers a lot of data through what it sees, hears and observes.

A child is exposed to a lot of raw data. It is through the process of schooling that a child learns to turn this data, into information, Information into knowledge, Knowledge into understanding, Understanding into insight, and Insight into wisdom.  The highest level of education is the attainment of wisdom. It is with this in mind, the Indian School-Dar es Salaam functions.  The attainment of wisdom, is the ultimate aim for which we strive.  This is translated into action, only when the teacher and the parent work hand in hand, only when there is mutual trust and understanding, and respect for each other. The absence of these will hamper the growth and development of the child.

Indian School -Dar es Salaam is fully aware of this. We believe that education is a lifelong process and that learning is for life.  We are focused towards achieving the goal of being able to contribute citizens to the nation, who are globally competitive. 

We welcome you to come and share a pleasant experience, here at the Indian School.

Yours in the cause of education

Thomas K. Joseph